The Two Chairs
The Two Chairs
A Creative Conversation About Race

About us


It all started WHEN...

In 2012, Suzanne Nguyen found a racist stamp underneath a chair that said "European Labour Only.” She dug deeper and realised that this happened because historically, "Australians" didn't want anything to do with the Chinese immigrants. 

At the time, Suzanne was exploring her identity: was she Australian, was she Asian, or was she both? Throughout the course of her journey, she realised that racism was deeply embedded in the fabric of Australian society. This led her to think about the concepts of whiteness and structural racism, and how racism is not limited to obvious displays or organisations like the KKK, but instead is a daily lived experience for minorities everywhere.

Since then, she realised that the conversation about race is a two-way one, and that chairs can be representations of people themselves. As a creative she wished to explore open and creative ways of engaging conversation about race and race relationships.

The Two Chairs came about as a direct need to explore theseconversations on race and racism in Australia.




The Impact

Technology and social media has enabled us to amplify our voice and creatively engage with younger generation who live and breathe The Internet. The Two Chairs aims to have a creative conversation about race and race relations. 

The Team 

Suzanne Nguyen (founder) social media expert and consultant

Azlan Petra (community head)

Sangeetha Thanpal (writer and editor) 

Social Media Services

The Two Chairs comes in to support NGOs and various other organizations on any issue related to race. We offer our services and expertise as a social media agency. If you need help with campaigns, tweeting about a talk, or wish for us to provide event reviews, reach out to us.

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